Workplace Massage

Mmm…. just imagine, a day at work with all of the usual stresses and strains, problems and issues, then… 20 minutes of heavenly massage, on a specially designed chair, without even removing your shirt.  A brief escape in a quiet space with expert hands manipulating those aches and pains, knots and tensions across your shoulders, neck, head and back.  

Workplace on-site massage is becoming a popular benefit offered to staff in all kinds of organisations.  Whether it is as part of a staff well-being day, a weekly or monthly benefit or a one-off reward for excellent performance, massage is more than just a treat and doesn't just benefit the individual. 

The benefits of massage are far reaching – and just 20 minutes can help to reduce back and shoulder pain, relieve headaches and help to eliminate migrains, as well as providing relaxation and tension relief and encourage a sense of health of well-being.  Not only does this help the individual, but it is likely to help the organisation too – potentially reducing absensenteeism, increasing productivity, and, the best benefit of all, using actions and not just words to tell your staff just how important and valued they are to you. Read more here

If you would like to know more about workplace massage and discuss how it could work for you and your team, contact us by emailing or calling us on 01535 655732.