Workplace Massage

On-site workplace massage is becoming a popular addition to organisational wellbeing policies.  Whether provided as a regular benefit, or offered periodically as part of incentive or motivation scheme, the advantages to the employer and employee are far reaching, and such a provision is a lot more affortable that you might think!

Here at The Yorkshire Therapy Company our team of massage therapists are specifically training and experienced in providing short and effective massage treatments in the workplace.  Using a specially designed chair, the therapist is able to manipulate areas of the upper and lower back, the shoulders, arms, neck and head.  A typical treatment is 20 minutes, allowing the employee to return to their desk or workspace feeling refreshed, revitalised and recharged. 

Treatments can be fully financed by the organisations, or alternatively, massage treatments can be subsidised by the organisation, resulting in an affortable treatment for employees.  

Our on-site massage treatments start at just £14 per employee for a 20 minute appointment, and all we need is a quiet corner or small private meeting room.  If you would like to speak to us about how we can work with you and your employees, please contact us on 01535 271177 or by emailing