Our Corporate Services

We provide a range of services for organisations and with our strong background in HR, business and higher education we are able to offer grounded, tailored training and consultancy in the areas of well-being, mindfulness, personal and professional development and occupational psychometrics.

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Workshops & Events

Begin Mindfulness  14 October 2017
Reiki Level 1 Course 12 November 2017
Reiki Level 2 Course 5 December 2017
Reiki Master Level 3 Course  22 & 24 Oct 2017
Discovering Your Personality   6 February 2018

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About The Yorkshire Therapy Co.

The Yorkshire Therapy Company provide a range of therapies including Reiki, Reflexology and EFT, courses in and personal development programmes. We are big believers in personal growth and enabling you to support yourself, so in addition to providing therapies, we also teach Reiki and mindfulness, and run a range of personal development courses, workshops and one-on-one programmes for individuals and in organisations.

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