Reiki Master Teacher Programme

This certificated Usui Reiki Master Teacher Programme consists of significant study that is made up from pre-course reading, preparation, a one day practical course, and optional repeat attendance at Reiki First and Second Degree courses.  Students are required to have completed the two-day Master Practitioner Course prior to undertaking this Mater Teacher programme, and are expected to have had at least one full year of practicing Reiki following a Second Degree course.  

A study pack is provided ahead of the course that includes a teacher trainers Reiki course manual.  This gives detailed information about the activities covered on the course itself, and some pre-course work.  

The course itself includes the following:

  • Developing the use of the Usui master symbol Dai Ko Myo and other master symbols 
  • Receiving further Reiju empowerments at Master level
  • Learning how use the Western-style attunements at all levels of Reiki teaching
  • Continued learning about the Reiju empowerments at all levels of Reiki teaching
  • Understanding teaching methods and learning styles
  • Structuring and running Reiki courses and running Reiki share groups

Students are invited to attend the Reiki level 1 and 2 courses taught by Yorkshire Therapy at no additional charge as part of their development as a Reiki teacher. 

‚ÄčFollowing the course, participants are encouraged to practice all the techniques developed on the course, and the Reiki CDs and DVDs demonstrate the empowerment and attunement process for use at home.

Dates:            Please enquire

Venue:           Saltaire Clinic, Saltaire Village, Bradford

Price:             This full programme of support including the one-day course is £250

To book a place on a workshop or to find out more please send an email to or call 07879 622988