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Mindfulness Courses in Leeds

We are pleased to be offering half-day workshops in the subject of Mindfulness.   Mindfulness is a popular technique that is beneficial for most people, whether looking to reduce stress, help reduce feelings of anxiety or simply looking to increase satisfaction in everyday activities. 

Mindfulness involves some very simple techniques that can be easily adopted and integrated in your day.  Our 'Begin Mindfulness' half-day workshop focuses on the following:

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Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness has fast become a subject and discipline popular in the workplace.  Using some simple mindfulness techniques, employees can potentially become more focused, less stressed, more satisfied in their work, and arguably more productive. 

As well as our public open courses for mindfulness, we offer a range of mindfulness courses and workshops in the workplace.  These range from 90 minute taster sessions to full programmes of mindfulness practice.  Our approach is simply to enable participants to understand what mindfulness really is, and to experience mindfulness during the course – this combination enabling staff to leave the course with some practical, adoptable skills that can be put into practice straight away. 

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What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular.  This article aims to answer some of the most common questions about mindfulness that we are asked here at Yorkshire Therapy.   

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