Learning Reiki


Reiki has become synonymous with complementary therapy in recent years, and there isn't much that is more relaxing than an hour on a couch receiving a treatment.  However, the original purpose of Reiki was about self development, balance and personal well-being.

Reiki is a practice that can be integrated easily – and regular, simple meditations and self-treatments are just one way that Reiki can become part of your life, ultimately resulting in a 'balance' at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  And you may be surprised to know that people who learn Reiki come from all walks of life, from university students to managing directors, complementary therapists to doctors, mothers, teachers, volunteers, entrepreneurs… you?Learning Reiki is not just for those wanting to pass on the energy, or provide treatments.  In fact, the majority of people who decide to attend a Reiki course are looking for a way to manage and support their own health and well-being, developing this simple technique to provide regular self-treatments and support them in managing pain, stress, emotional distress and anxiety.  

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