Reiki Courses

Receiving Reiki is a wonderful experience, however learning to practice Reiki for yourself is becoming more popular.  The ability to provide self-care during the demands of each day will help you to restore balance, reduce stress and achieve a state of well-being. Learning Reiki can be a benefit to you whether you are healthy, feel overwhelmed by the demands some days, or suffering with a chronic health condition and Reiki has been shown to benefit people in many different ways.   Being able to have an impact and make a difference to your own state of health is extremely empowering and however you decide to use Reiki, there is great potential for it to help you make positive changes to your life.

Workshops and courses are available for everyone, with a half-day introduction to Reiki if you just want to know a little bit more and experience a treatment, to a series of courses that develop your connection to Reiki, achieve an increased sense of balance, and provide the skills and knowledge to treat yourself and others. All of our courses follow the Mikau Usui teaching methods and lineage of Reiki.

For details of all of the workshops and courses, please click a link on the left. 

Have you already attended Reiki training? if you have previously studied Reiki with another practitioner or through a different lineage, you can attend our courses to your current level of training at a 30% discount from the usual price.