Frightened of Flying? Try EFT!

Many people I speak to have an overseas holiday booked this year.  The cold and long winter, along with the forecast for a wet and cloudy summer has encouraged many of us to plan a trip abroad for a little sunshine. 

So how do we feel about flying?  When I ask this question to friends, family and colleagues I often get a pause, a sigh and a response usually along the lines of… "OK I suppose…."

Fear of flying is quite a common feeling, and although many of us still manage the journey with little more than some mild anxiety and a sense of relief on landing, for some the fear is a much more severe and potentially debilitating.  This can mean a spoilt holiday, with the fear dominating thoughts about the trip in the run up, and resulting in an underlying unease and worry throughout the holiday about the flight home.  It spoils things, and guess what –  we really don't have to let it.

EFT or 'tapping' can be remarkably effective for reducing or even eliminating a fear of flying.  By working with a therapist a session would involve the tapping of particular acupressure points while safely and comfortably focusing on the fear through conversation and memory.  The outcomes can be quite significant, and with the ability to use this simple technique away from the session as well, most people find success in as little as two or three appointments.

If you would like to book a session of EFT, or discuss your own situation further, please contact us. 

As the peak holiday season is upon us we have the following special offer during June, July and August.

Book EFT to tackle your fear of flying and have one initial 90 minute session followed by another 60 minute session for just £75 – a saving of £20!

Day and evening appointments are available in Saltaire, Skipton and Silsden, Yorkshire.