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Is EFT for you?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a meridian therapy, originating from the most ancient practices of Japanese acupressure and Chinese acupuncture.   It is a system that is widely applicable in the treatment of phobias and psychological problems as well as providing pain relief, often in a short time period, by tapping on various acupressure points whilst concentrating or discussing the problem, pain or issue.

  A session of EFT allows the routine to be introduced to the client for their own use to complement the session and continue the healing and benefits of the treatment at home, or ‘in the moment’.   EFT works for people of all ages in a range of circumstances – from dealing with exam stress to managing a busy home or improving performance in business.  It has proven success on a wide range of areas, including:

· Managing pain · Defusing phobias · Controlling habits and addictions · Losing weight, or managing food cravings · Stopping smoking · Reducing stress and anxiety · Managing nerves and panic attacks · Improving self-confidence · Enabling change and adjustments in lifestyle · Reducing emotional pain and distress

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