Reiki Courses in West Yorkshire

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Here at The Yorkshire Therapy Company we teach original Usui Reiki to people across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.  Regular First Degree (Level 1) Reiki and Second Degree (Level 2) Reiki courses take place in Saltaire, a wonderful world heritage site just on the outskirts of Bradford, and also in Skipton, a beautiful town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. These courses are very popular for individuals who are looking to learn Reiki as part of their own wellbeing and personal development, and those looking to learn Reiki as a therapy to treat others.

The Reiki First Degree (Level 1) course focuses on how the remarkable Reiki energy system works, daily meditation and energy practice and self treatments.  During the course three Reiki empowerments (Reiki attunements) are given to secure the 'connection' to the universal Reiki energy.  An introduction to giving Reiki treatments to others is also provided so students can practice on family, friends and pets at home.  The course is very practical and is supported by two CDs and a comprehensive study book.

The Reiki Second Degree (Level 2) course introduces the Reiki symbols and using the different Reiki energy 'frequencies'.  Developing distant healing practice through 'oneness' is also a key part of this course, along with the importance, and power, of intention when working with Reiki.  The course includes three further Reiki empowerments (Reiki attunements) to strengthen connection and practice, and the course is supported by a CD and a study book.  For those wanting to use Reiki professionally, the material also provides valuable information about setting up a Reiki practice and choosing the right insurance. 

Reiki Master and Master Teacher programmes are also run regularly in Silsden and Saltaire and one-to-one training is also available for those who have already studied with The Yorkshire Therapy Company or people transferring from a different lineage.

We also offer a 30% discount on all our Reiki courses to individuals who are refreshing their training, whether a previous student of ours, or not.  This is a great way to reconnect and re-energise with your Reiki practice.  

Reiki courses are also run in-house for organisations across West Yorkshire, Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Manchester, South Yorkshire and across the North West and North East.